Here's What People Say:

Lyndon Sly

Director of Faculty for ABLA at City of Westminster College

You have been and remain my guru on all things positive. You are the best at what you do


Danielle Lecointe 

Engage Coach, Tomorrow's People

One of the most influential and inspirational people I have worked with in ages


Vicky Evans

Head of Business, The Norwood School

"H was the BEST trainer we've had! The Kids loved him!!!"


Abi Faloa

Asst Headteacher, Alexandra Park School

“H your programme was informative and entertaining. The students learnt a lot and were left excited”

More Testimonials:

“Fantastic workshop, providing our young people with the skills to understand enterprise better”
– Aimee Pye, Traineeship Tutor, Skills for Growth. 


“The session was great and opened my mind to what I can achieve and changed my mindset from when I first walked in to it”

– Baily (17), Skills for Growth

“H was really engaging and helped us see our aspirations”

– Rehaan (15),

“I learned that there is no point to go the easy way and get something temporarily”

Claudio (15)

– Students from Tunmarsh School [PRU]

“H it was an absolute pleasure working with you! Loved your honesty, life experience & commitment…engaging & good for our young people”

– Lynne Reed, Senior Student Support Officer, Tunmarsh School [PRU]

“A brilliant programme, which has challenged our young people and equipped them with the skills to take a more proactive approach to pushing our radio station forward”

– Beresford Mack, Station Manager, Unity Youth Radio

“H was very helpful, direct, understanding and delivered a great session. He opens minds that are otherwise closed”

– Benjamin (26), Unity Youth Radio Young Person

“…just a little message to say thanks a lot H. Thank you for your support, encouragement and (poor) jokes…LOL!!! Its been amazing – feel like I’ve been starring in a movie”

 Shereen Rodney, LSA

"The workshop was really good for the young people as they had started their fundraising and the workshop got them started and focused. H is great at keeping the young people motivated"


Daniel, 24

Prince's Trust Team Member

“Brilliant and effervescent are just two words I would use to describe H – one of the most engaging, positive minded individuals I’ve met. I worked with H on a daily basis for 3-months and without hesitation state that 1: would work with him again and 2: in 15-years of public service it delivered some of my most rewarding work. I got to see H work with individuals who I thought there was no hope of developing any form of dialogue with, let alone motivate/help and guess what? I was utterly wrong. H understood, engaged and built sparkling rapport with the most seemingly lost or hardened individual. I finish how I began by using the words “brilliant” and “effervescent” – these best describe a great and rare individual, H..”


Kerry, Detective Constable

Metropolitan Police Service


"H was the BEST trainer we've had! The Kids loved him!"



Vicky Evans

Head of Business, The Norwood School

“H Bless out man…thanks for helping me change my life”
– Presley, Fresh Start course (17)

“It wasn’t the course that made me confident, it was you H, you pushed me forward when I was falling backwards…”
– Jyden T8 (18)

“Your workshops were inspirational and fun! You created an environment where the students were learning life skills without even realising it and were able to express themselves freely. It was in a language they understood and they thoroughly enjoyed it”
– Melina da Santos, PA (Volunteer)
“H brings out the good in people who are quiet like myself, very engaging”.
– Anthony 16, 

“I really enjoyed the sessions, I got to develop my organisational skills, H was amazing”.
– Ariana 17, 

“H was very helpful and energetic”.
– Alex 16,

 “I really enjoyed the workshop and thought that Hs talk was Inspirational”.
 – Hassan 16, 

“My communication and teamwork skills have improved”.
– Jade 16,
– Year 12 students from Bolingbroke Academy

“H is a fantastic with the students and a joy to work with, H is always welcome at Bolingbroke”
– Karen Robinson, Research & Development Leader @Bolingbroke Academy

“Exciting and challenging, very well delivered. The best part of the day was observing students overcoming their fears and realising what was holding them down and talking about looking forward to their future. The students loved it!”
 Simon Mayo, YOT Worker, Westminster

Louise Shelley, Participatory Project Coordinator, Showroom Gallery


“Communal Knowledge is a programme of collaborative projects with local and international artists and designers working in collaboration with groups and individuals living, working or studying in The Showroom’s neighbourhood – The course Henderson runs at CWC – Fresh Start, has been involved in several Communal Knowledge projects working with artists in research stages, the production of artworks, publications and events.

The input of Henderson and his students has considerably shaped projects and the direction of how we work and what we should address. This strength of knowledge, input and collective process is made entirely possible by the aptitude, motivation, and flexibility of Henderson. His role as tutor, mentee, curator, leader, participant, artist, collaborator allows the roles and strengths of others to grow, adapt and be open to various complex proposals often posited by the collaborating artists. I am yet to meet another tutor with such a strong, successful and diverse teaching style. 

Henderson’s way of working responds insightfully to surrounding discourses and the practices of others, allowing greater visibility for the struggles, potentials and futures of young people in London today”


Roberta Boschi, Manager of the Time for Paddington Programme, Paddington Waterside Partnership

“I felt compelled to write after the feedback I received from our volunteers after yet another successful event at City of Westminster College with ‘Fresh Start’ last week. I just wanted to congratulate Henderson for delivering such a fantastic programme for young people in Westminster. As Manager of the Time for Paddington programme at Paddington Waterside Partnership I work with over 75 schools, colleges and charities each year and Henderson continues to deliver some of the most consistently successful events of all of our community partners. The Fresh Start programme has been integral to providing skilled volunteering opportunities for companies in the area.  There is high demand from corporate companies to support employability projects in the community and yet there is a critical lack of organisations providing this service locally.

 Employee volunteers have taken so much from supporting young people on the Fresh Start programme and the events co-ordinated by Henderson and his colleague Sheromie continue to produce glowing feedback. It has taken two years to reach the level of service which Henderson, Sheromie and I provide to corporate partners in Paddington, this is thanks to our working relationship fostered on flexibility, passion and ability to deliver results. Last week a visit from Marks and Spencer’s prompted the Head of Finance in the E-commerce Team to describe her day at the college as “the most rewarding day of her career” she went on to say that she would re-arrange her diary to come back to the college time and time again. A second volunteer said he had been “overwhelmed at the intelligence and potential of the students he met”. Henderson always take the time to graciously thank the volunteers, collect feedback from students and follow up on actions discussed – laying foundations for long term relationships”

Rachel (Manager) - Prospects Careers Advice, Hackney


“A great session from H, engaged staff from the start, used a good range of activities that built up as staff confidence and trust grew. A fast paced yet relaxed session… Thumbs up from all staff involved.


Steve Korris, Quality & Training Director, MyBnk


Hey H,
A great bit of feedback from Candice at Kids Company came through about the EIB you did with them:
“I was away but met with two of our students today who did the programme – namely John Joe and Shawna. My goodness, I’ve never heard them rave so much about anything! They said they were hanging on to H’s every word (H was the person who facilitated the workshops from your end.) Usually people drift a bit when we have workshops and sometimes they take phone calls in the middle and they said to me it was the first time that everyone just sat and listened and took in absolutely everything he said to them.

They found the whole experience hugely beneficial and they’d give you some incredible feedback. They said if they had a chance to do it again they definitely would and they’d love to see H again…John Joe said he’d been so impressed by the workshops that he actually called MyBnk the next day and spoke to someone and gave lots of feedback” 


Mark Jenkins, South London Bus Manager and Senior Youth Worker at XLP


H is one of the most impressive educators and encouragers I have come across doing youth work. He has an amazing energy and positivity about him which captivates the young people and enables him to deliver his sessions. The young people had a fantastic time and I look forward to working with him again in the future


Deepa Pagarani, Training Work Placement Manager for Circle Sports


H is an energetic and inspiring coach. He has helped the young people in instilling confidence, realising their potential and giving them real/constructive advice on areas for improvement. The young people on our programme have made significant changes due to his input. We look forward to working with him in the future


Ms Jashinder Bains, Teacher of Business Studies, Central Foundation Girls’ School


The project taught by H was fun, engaging and very challenging! The “Enterprise in a Box” activity was an excellent way to address confidence and communication skills. H is a very enthusiastic and passionate person. His motivation is phenomenal and his eagerness to achieve motivates others around him. H was a fantastic teacher!


James MyBnk Education Officer


“H I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on how much I took from the session with you. The respect that you commanded and the clear influence you have with your students was incredible to watch. I love what I do and am desperate to reach young people in a way that engages them. I was inspired by your way with them and am driven by the difference that an individual can make.

I am not the type to get in touch after a session but today’s really got to me so I thought the best thing to do is pass that back”. 

Aaliyah 18 - Central Foundation Girls’ School


“My personal development sessions with H are very inspirational, really enjoyable and totally different…I’m glad he’s mentoring me”


Sean Porter, Progression Manager, Think Forward-Tomorrow's People


H – Thanks again for facilitating the two sessions. Was a roaring success and I’m attributing that almost exclusively to your delivery style and expertise. Feedback nothing but positives!


© Owen Rogers