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Performance in any organisation depends upon the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation. Motivational Maps provide the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these three to manage and sustain – MOTIVATION.


Motivational Maps reveal your key motivators in clear and easy to understand reports.


Other personality tests can provide employee awareness, but Motivational Maps go much further providing Reward Strategies to show you how to reward your staff effectively, Appraisal System to improve staff appraisal, and an effective new Team Building tool.

What is a Motivational Map?

It is a simple on-line diagnostic tool that:

  • Enables individuals, teams and organisations to understand and prioritise what motivates them
  • Reveals how motivated they are, and
  • Provides practical and effective tools that increase motivation at all levels.

 The Motivational Map is a 10 page report.

This is ideal for developing an individual through coaching or mentoring.

This can then be extended to teams, any number of teams, within an organisation. Each individual receives a Map, but a Team Map can also be drawn up. This provides invaluable information for the Manager, establishing exactly how motivated the team currently is, and which Motivators dominate the team.

Each Team Map is at least a 10 page report containing key information on Reward Strategies with at least 6 ideas, as well as a Change Index Score, showing how ready for change that particular team is.

The 9 Motivations of Work

The 9 Motivations of Work

Our work related inner needs are defined by our Motivational Map. This is a complex mix of 9 different motivators. To make each motivator easier to understand and remember, we have given them each a name which we hope paints a picture of how that motivator looks in action.

  1. Builder – The Builder is motivated by money and material satisfactions. Does this sound like you? But exactly what can we do to motivate the Builder and what demotivates him or her?
  2. Director – The Director likes to be in control of people and resources and loves to be the one making all the decisions. But what happens when he or she doesn't feel in control?
  3. Creator – We all know that creative types are supposed to be volatile, but are they and what will set them off?
  4. Defender – Do you like stability, security and safety? Is this your main motivator at work?
  5. Searcher – Is doing meaningful work more important to you than the money? What is it you are looking for? Do you know? Does your boss know?
  6. Spirit – So you like to plough your own furrow. Hate rules and paperwork and being bossed around!
  7. Friend – People are your thing. You like to be part of a team and your work has to be sociable.
  8. Expert – You love to learn. Want to be master of your trade or profession?
  9. Star – You are good at your job and you want everyone to know about it? Be recognised for your achievements.

The Youth Motivational Map


Children are born with a tremendous amount of motivation, which helps them to grow and learn. However, as children progress through childhood and into adolescence, this motivation can reduce.

Whilst key people in a young person’s life can have an impact on their levels of motivation, unless they know what motivates that individual, the strategies they use may not be having the desired effect.

We all know everyone is unique, so how can we work out the formula for a young person’s motivation?

The answer is by using the Youth Motivational Map.

This tool is the result of years of research into human motivation, and uses the tried and tested concepts and processes of the original Motivational Map which is used in businesses and organisations across the world to help inform processes such as career management, recruitment and selection and talent management. 

Now, with simplified terminology and outputs to take account of a younger population, this effective tool can be used with young people.

The participant uses our online site and completes a questionnaire. Then an administrator can download a PDF report.

The Nine Motivators

Our desire to do something, stems from our inner needs; our motivation. There are 9 core motivators which are present in all of us, but the degree to which some dominate will be different for everyone.

The motivational map identifies each motivator but a name which we hope paints a picture of how that motivator looks in action.

History of the Youth Motivational Map

The Youth Motivational Map is not a personality test, or a psychometric profiling tool, it is a self perception inventory. The original Motivational Map was created by James Sale through his extensive research into human motivation and the study of three primary sources:

  • Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors
  • The Enneagram, a personality profiling tool

The original Motivational Map was developed with the corporate/business world in mind, and thousands of people worldwide complete the Motivational Map every year. Organisations and businesses use the Motivational Map to help inform processes such as Career Management, Recruitment and Selection, Talent Management and Performance Management.

The Youth Motivational Map was born out of the success and accuracy of the original Motivational Map, using the same concepts and process, but with simplified terminology to take account of the younger audience.

Now Youth groups, schools, charities and youth coaches are using the Youth Motivational Map to help young people become more self aware, engaged and ultimately, more motivated.

The participant uses our online site and completes a questionnaire. Then an administrator can download a PDF report.

How Motivational Maps can help your business


Individual Reports
Getting a Motivational Maps report for each employee gives a powerful management tool for motivating and managing a workforce. Designing job roles, incentive schemes and allocating tasks which maximise employee motivation will increase efficiency and morale.

Whole Business & Workgroups 

One of the most valuable uses of Motivational Maps is to analyze complete teams or businesses to determine the dominant motivators for the team or for the business as a whole. This helps the manager or business owner to understand and determine appropriate policies and actions for managing and motivating the team and the business.

This application for Motivational Maps is particularly valuable because the motivational maps of the staff are often very different to those of the business owner. Understanding these differences can improve communications and reduce strife in the workplace, resulting in a more highly motivated and productive workforce.

Other Benefits can support the following areas of business:-

  • The Senior Management Team
  • Recruitment
  • Rewards and Incentives

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